Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keukenhof Tulip Festival

Early in the morning, we were rushing to Lisse, where the famous Keukenhof Tulip Garden located. We were meeting our old friend Mr M, who studied in the same university as us before. The crowds are unbelievable, since on the same day itself, there would be a flower parade.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Celebration

Just like others, I am into the gist of the royal wedding celebration. So me and few of our friends decided to have a gathering to watch the royal wedding on TV and at the same time, having a steam boat. The BBC 1 gave us a good view of everything throughout the service and procession.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eindhoven zoo and some food

Too many photos and too many stories ... I will divide my entries into few segments to make it easier to read and not too tiring to see.

After I landed in Amsterdam Schipol Airport, I was greeted by my old dear friend Miss Y, who had waited me for few hours, since her flight arrived earlier. Then we went to Eindhoven, spent few hours there before headed to Delft, where we were going to spent the rest 3 nights. We visited the local zoo in Eindhoven and had a quick nature walk around there. It is called "DE GENNEPER HOEVE". I think it is more like a farm rather a zoo. We saw some pigs, chicken and cows. Inside, they have some exhibition on how the cows milked and how they make cheese.

Quick update about the trip

My trip was awesome! Enjoy every second of it. Meeting old and new friends along the trip. I will post all the photos after I do some editing later on. In the mean time, I caught new habit from the trip! Tea session .... Love everything about tea, the cup, the infuser, and the fabulous tea room I have visited. Bought new tea and my first ever tea infuser from cha cult in Slovenia (although it was made of Germany). My tea infuser has a miniature of mug, cute isn't it? And the tea is called "Cloud Catcher", fruity .... nice ...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter break

I will be going off for a short holidays during the easter break. Will have a small reunion with my best buddy from uni : Mademoiselle Y. We will be visiting 3 different countries. The collage below is showing some clue about the 3 countries.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cappuccino chocolate chip cookies!

This is my first time baking cookies. I always have some phobia to roll cookie dough, since the last time I tried to roll some dough, all the dough sticked to my rolling pin! And it is a mess! And I don't have a proper kitchen table to do the rolling. My kitchen is so small, and I use an electric stove, so I will use the stove surface as an extra space to do my preparation, like chopping etc. And for rolling a dough, you need bigger space and it will be better to use wooden surface since you need to spread some flour on the surface to prevent the stick, once again the flour will cause quite messy kitchen.

But then I realized that to make a cookie, I don't need to roll anything! Just scoop and the dough will expand and flattened by itself! So I am happily making one just now.

I want to make something different and interesting cookie. At first I want to make the peanut butter cookie, but I don't have any peanut butter left in my home, so change plan to cappuccino cookie! I was inspired from Joy the Baker but I am so stingy, since in the recipe, it calls white chocolate to be melted. I refused any kind of chocolate melting recipe. I think it such a waste of money on good chocolate. I prefer using cocoa powder to replace the chocolate. So I come into this other recipe Cappuccino cookies

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seaton park

I have lived in Aberdeen for a year now, think almost 1.5 year in fact. But I have never visited Seaton Park until today. I only knew about Duthie Park but not the Seaton Park. So we decided to pay it a visit this afternoon, after a friend told me about this park. It was turn to be quite wonderful experience. It has a river, a church, a bridge, and secret garden! Haha ... Here are some of photos taken there.

The first few photos are inside the garden that I called it as 'secret garden', since outside this place, the flowers are still less, but inside here, so many flowers. It felt like I am in different season, with lots of blooming flowers. Felt magical!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bee nail ...

I really love the bee nail tutorial from bubzbeauty, it inspired me to make my own today. It was a bit messy since I only used toothpick to draw the small things.

Blue day

After pinky afternoon yesterday. Today is blue day! I like to have color coordinating outfit from head to toe haha, hope it's not attract too many attention. And on my nail I used Barry M blue berry nail polish. This is my first Barry M nail polish. After I read so many review about cheap and good nail polish, my conclusion for the best bargain is between 17 and Barry M. Actually, I really love ESSIE nail polish color range and want to try it out, but think it's a bit more to pay. So I want to wait until they come out with the mini set with all the color that I like in the box and buy it! I think ESSIE cube bottle packaging is cute, together with the ESSIE embossing looks classy. And thinking about the bottle, the one has cube bottle is Barry M, so I chose this. And btw, I also love its color range on the pastel ice cream range. So cute....

About the nail polish itself, it is so thick and really good coverage on the nail surface. Only needs 2 times application to get it done. Pardon me my photo here, it's a bit messy application, since I still need to practice more on it. But I love the blue. At first I quite confuse which one to but, turqoise or blueberry, since it's almost the same blue. But I am quite satisfied with my choice.

And here is the blue dress:

Necklace: Accesorize
Hair pin: thrifty

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Afternoon tea anyone?

This morning, I was watching the BBC Breakfast and one of the news was about the best afternoon tea place in whole UK, outside London. And they were arguing, how to eat scone, either you apply jam or cream first haha. Then the host mentioned, back in 1840s, people in UK only ate 2 times a day: breakfast and supper, which is around 8pm! Wow....can you imagine that? How can you get through the day without lunch!!!!

Anyway ... people started to think something is sinking throughout the day, so they started this culture of afternoon tea with some cakes. And do you know that British people consume lots of lots of tea when they first found tea. Can you imagine that? I think tea is originally from India??? I remember last time while I studied history back in my junior high, there were tea revolution in UK, hmm....did I remember correctly?

Haha... here are some afternoon tea menu, my version!

Some tea of pinky lipgloss and lipstick.

And now for the cakes ....

Scones and macaroons made of blush on! I just love round make up pacakaging, they are so cutee..... Pearls blush on .... and some decoration from a cute birdcage necklace and rose broche.

And some my pinky nail polishes. Most of them are from korean make up store back in Singapore: Skinfood, Faceshop and Beauty Credit. I put some rose headband and a butterfly earing to make it pretty. I will make the review one by one, and why did I buy that brand based on my solely research on lots of lots of beauty blogger website.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vibrant pink day

I bought the tartan jacket when I was visiting Edinburgh on my first month in Scotland. I thought it would be a good token to remember that I once stayed in Scotland. Unfortunately, its vibrant color made it quite difficult to match with my other outfit. But its vibrant color is actually the one that caught my interest. Since today supposed to be a good day with weather forecast of temperature reached almost 19 deg C, I decided to wear it.

I also used a pink sash, tied on my jeans to make it cuter and a nice necklace to make my plain pink top more interesting. And I used my sandals for the first time in Scotland! So here are some photos of my jacket (pardon me for my silly pose in the photos, I am still not used to 'pose' or 'act' naturally in the photos, poor JH had to take so many photos of my weird pose to get a good one) :

Jacket: Ness
Top: Bossini
Jeans: Next
Belt: free gift from Seventeen magazine (thrift)
Sandals: can't remember the brand anymore from shoe shop in Singapore

And now, some photos of my hunting on cherry blossom. I think it becomes my favorite plant in spring!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something rosy and chic

This was a gift from a friend, and I love it so much ... so like my blog theme! Sweet pink. So I decided to practice my photography technique using our old Canon Powershot G7. In the end I kept using the macro zoom in object, and as recommended by lots of people, I am using outdoor lightning, which is the sun!

Seems the beautiful mugs are so lonely, so I got some flowers to accompany them, soft pink chrysanthenium. Btw it was half price after the mother's day haha, good bargain!

And now some zoom in to the flowers! I lovee...them too. Aren't they lovely?

And there is another pink flower in the middle, not sure what is it, but it has pleads and beautiful too!

And now, let me introduce our cute little friend who obediently sits at the window, waiting somebody to come and hug him. Here is Mr HJ (sound effect: treng ... treng ...)

Yellow mellow

Besides some cherry blossom, I found some yellow flowers along the roads. Especially dafodils ... They are spreading all over the place, marking the beginning of spring time!

Yellow represents happiness and cheerful feelings. I am not sure why people combine the word yellow and mellow together. These pretty yellow bunch of flower is cute, remind me of yellow version on cherry blossom!

Besides flowers, birds singing in almost most of the day really wonderful and refreshing. I got a small feeding box in front of my flat. Will try to take some photos, if some birds come by and say hi to me!

Eventually I wanted to take some photos on my spring-summer dress collection with yellow tone. But I haven't got any idea yet how to present them, so in the mean time, just show you a glimpse of my last year summer outfit, with a straw hat, orange bag and mango dress. I love this dress so much!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossom

I was having lunch with JH this afternoon in a Korean-Jap restaurant, and their teapot + teacup had a little Sakura image, cute isn't it?

Just the day before, we were doing some Sakura hunting along the Great Southern Road, and we only could find 1-2 trees with not so many flowers yet. But this afternoon, just in front of the restaurant, there are few sakura trees with lots and lots of flowers!

I was trying to take a close up picture of those. Actually I wanted to take the full tree shot as well, but there were 2 men talking under the tree, I was afraid if I snapped the picture, they would be angry haha... So in the mean time here are my sakura photos.


This was my first attempt on doing nail art by myself. Messy, but satisfied and considered succeed. I used toothpick to create the 'dot'. I was inspired by this blog: and she was inspired by a cute kpop girls band MV called "Shy Boy", catchy song as well =D

As for my thumb, I followed this tutorial from dolly wink:

Will share on my others idea found based on 'research' in internet.

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