Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue day

After pinky afternoon yesterday. Today is blue day! I like to have color coordinating outfit from head to toe haha, hope it's not attract too many attention. And on my nail I used Barry M blue berry nail polish. This is my first Barry M nail polish. After I read so many review about cheap and good nail polish, my conclusion for the best bargain is between 17 and Barry M. Actually, I really love ESSIE nail polish color range and want to try it out, but think it's a bit more to pay. So I want to wait until they come out with the mini set with all the color that I like in the box and buy it! I think ESSIE cube bottle packaging is cute, together with the ESSIE embossing looks classy. And thinking about the bottle, the one has cube bottle is Barry M, so I chose this. And btw, I also love its color range on the pastel ice cream range. So cute....

About the nail polish itself, it is so thick and really good coverage on the nail surface. Only needs 2 times application to get it done. Pardon me my photo here, it's a bit messy application, since I still need to practice more on it. But I love the blue. At first I quite confuse which one to but, turqoise or blueberry, since it's almost the same blue. But I am quite satisfied with my choice.

And here is the blue dress:

Necklace: Accesorize
Hair pin: thrifty


  1. hihi, jeko - gue punya persis sama jepitannya (since seragam gue dari TK - SMP biru muda - biru tua haha) sungguh matching dgn hati2 biru!!! *tapi udah entah kemana, jadi naksir lagi sejak liat lu punya..haha*

  2. @erlyno ya? Wah kalo bisa ketemu lagi asik donk kembaran hehehe. Wah baru tau karu pas SD juga pake biru ya


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