Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter break

I will be going off for a short holidays during the easter break. Will have a small reunion with my best buddy from uni : Mademoiselle Y. We will be visiting 3 different countries. The collage below is showing some clue about the 3 countries.

I will be going from 15-27 April, will be back just before the Royal Wedding. Hope to have great time and great photos to share with all of you. Mr JH will be alone back home, but fortunately his friend will come for a visit from London, so after all, he will not be too lonely at all. I will go to see flowers, and visit my childhood dream: Disneyland!!!!! So happy, lucky I will go with my dear friend, I think Mr JH will not like to visit this happy castle theme park, since it's too childish. So next time will come again with Mr JH for the cultural education. This time is purely fun, play and shop!


  1. ouuu)) its so cute))

    kisses from Alia)


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