Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eindhoven zoo and some food

Too many photos and too many stories ... I will divide my entries into few segments to make it easier to read and not too tiring to see.

After I landed in Amsterdam Schipol Airport, I was greeted by my old dear friend Miss Y, who had waited me for few hours, since her flight arrived earlier. Then we went to Eindhoven, spent few hours there before headed to Delft, where we were going to spent the rest 3 nights. We visited the local zoo in Eindhoven and had a quick nature walk around there. It is called "DE GENNEPER HOEVE". I think it is more like a farm rather a zoo. We saw some pigs, chicken and cows. Inside, they have some exhibition on how the cows milked and how they make cheese.

Beautiful nature walk

We were trying some local pastries and patat! Patat/french fries was our first dish we ate when we landed in Holland (in airport). And little did we know that in Holland, they eat Patat with different kinds of sauce such as: satay sauce/peanut sauce!, mayonise, mustard, and they sprinkle onion on top of that! And it was delicious. I love it and we ate that for a quick grab on the go, either as our snack or our lunches.

The local pastries recommended by our local friend: Tompouce and Bossche Bol. They were both amazingly very deliciousssss!!!!!! I love it. Not too sweet, just nice and the cream taste so nice. The white thing you see inside is the cream. We really really love it. I want to eat it again and again, but unfortunately it's not so easy to find them. Tompouce reminds me of Singapore ice cream, where they put the cut ice cream in between 2 slices of wafers. And Bossche Bol is like a big size of profiterole with chocolate coating on the outside.

Then we headed to Delft and was greeted by our friend Mr R and headed to nearest Indonesian restaurant we could find in Delft because Miss Y had been craving for Indonesian food for months, she was staying in Slovenia, and probably the only Indonesian there! The restaurant was called "Redjeki", it is in Indonesian! And the meaning is something like gift or profit. We were ordering the ricetable, mini one. I have been learning about Dutch culture from KLM Go Orange contest. Ricetable is like a Dutch version of Padang rice or "Nasi Padang", where all the dishes are laid down on the table. It is delicious, but a bit costly. Our hunting for Indonesian food in Holland continues the next day too, and we found cheaper and nicer food too! Holland is a food heaven for us.


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