Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keukenhof Tulip Festival

Early in the morning, we were rushing to Lisse, where the famous Keukenhof Tulip Garden located. We were meeting our old friend Mr M, who studied in the same university as us before. The crowds are unbelievable, since on the same day itself, there would be a flower parade.

Interesting wood tulip which are quite expensive, but pretty. Too bad I did not buy any.

And now the real flowers, interesting tulip color as well as the shape.

And there were few exhibition building inside the huge garden. I did not know that Daffodils can be so pretty and has variety of color as well.

There was a corner, for us to dress up and a background to take pics, pretending we were borjouis high society ladies. using the borrowed fur coat, pearl necklaces and fancy hat

My favorite part of all the exhibition, the garden tea party! I always love anything related to tea. So pretty isn't it.

Orange yellow color mixture in tulip!

We were so enthusiasm to take photos under a white cherry blossom tree, that we put our jackets and bags safely on the grass

A wonderful and fabulous flower/buds fields. As fas as you can see, all are colorful flowers! Unfortunately it wasn't part of the garden. It was outside, and the good news is, it is free! But we realized it too late and only went there on the last minute before we headed home, since the bus queue is sooo crazzyy. I think we queue for around 2 hours to get the bus to go to the nearest train station.

Interesting types of wooden clogs

And we went to an orchid exhibition. It was a small building, but it was sooo beautiful.



Random shots for my accesories


Our friend was very curious on what we were doing seriously for sometime on this flower. We were trying to take photo of a bee!

And now the parade! For the parade, we had to walk outside the garden to a nearby road. It was soo crowded on the both side of the road. And we wait and wait and wait.....for almost 1 hour. The parade was late and the people were impatient and started to walk away (it was around 5pm and the weather was getting cloudy and small drops of rain started falling). Good for us, since we were waiting there, we had a good spot just in front to take photos. The theme of the parade is musical. All musicals, such as: Wicked, Singing in the rain, My fair lady, Lion King, Singing in the rain, Grease, Alice in the wonderland, Sound of Music, etc.


My favorite: Alice in the Wonderland!



And on the last minute we tried to find the colorful flowers field, but we only found the daffodils fields. Anyway it's pretty too


  1. one beautiful blog.. gile ini promosi blanda abis2an.. pantesan turisnya gak abies2 yg dateng.. haha!!

  2. Terima kasih Bung Robert atas komen-nya hehehe ...


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