Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick update about the trip

My trip was awesome! Enjoy every second of it. Meeting old and new friends along the trip. I will post all the photos after I do some editing later on. In the mean time, I caught new habit from the trip! Tea session .... Love everything about tea, the cup, the infuser, and the fabulous tea room I have visited. Bought new tea and my first ever tea infuser from cha cult in Slovenia (although it was made of Germany). My tea infuser has a miniature of mug, cute isn't it? And the tea is called "Cloud Catcher", fruity .... nice ...

And the weather in all countries were incredibly nicee.... I used BB cream with SPF 20 protection, but still after the long hour under the sun and limited skin care I can bring along, my face skin color become dull (not radiant anymore). So it's the time to do some facial and put on the face mask to return my skin radiance hehe ...  I use my old faithful Skin Food pineapple peeling gel, it smells fresh and nice. And it ex-foliates my old dead skin, hope to get a new bright skin. Tomorrow I will use some brightening and whitening face mask too hehe

Do you know that in Asia countries, they only sell whitening stuff and there are no sun tan skincare. Just the opposite from here in European countries. I guess too much sun shine in Asia, made us want to stay white. The other way around in Europe, sun is sooo precious... so people love sun so much and being tan is so good.

I want to show the sunburn result on my feet. It looks totally dark, but only some of it, like zebra stripes! Lucky in Aberdeen in cold, so I can use tights all the way to cover my dark stripes.


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