Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Celebration

Just like others, I am into the gist of the royal wedding celebration. So me and few of our friends decided to have a gathering to watch the royal wedding on TV and at the same time, having a steam boat. The BBC 1 gave us a good view of everything throughout the service and procession.

This is my friend's place, Miss S, where she rent a room. The house is a very big house, almost like a mansion with large and beautiful garden. And it is just across the university of Aberdeen and King's College!

This is the photo taken with my Mr JH and a cute little boy YL (not ours, don't worry the parents are there too). YL just had his 1st birthday and he is very cuteee.....

This is one of his favorite toy, animals bowling pins! Cute isn't it? It supposed to have a stuffed ball for him to roll to make the bowling pin fall down. But he loves just using his hand to make the bowling pins fell, haha ... interesting way to play bowling.

This is a photo of me and my friend Miss D from Thailand.

And here it is our steam boat party! We have lots and lots of food to cook and eat! Yummy! Miss D made a delicious Thai dipping sauce for the hot pot. Miss S also made a fabulous roast chicken, that I brought some for home!

YL mom, Madam J, made a special pork belly with K-town version. And it is yummy yummy! Grilled using the magic pan: Woll pan. She taught us how to eat it with 2 ways: wrapped it with the lettuce and put some pickles or just dip it into the mixture of sesame oil and pepper. It is delicioussss....

And me? I brought dessert from my trip .... to share along with the rest.

Besides that, we have some other desserts to try from Thai and Orkney

After a very big lunch time, we decided to enjoy the rest of the day outside the house. Enjoying the beautiful garden and of course take some photos!

Mr JH and I were trying to take our romantic pose, directed by the talented Madam J.

Did you notice Madam J shadow on th last 2 photos? Hehe. That's all for now, will continue with the trip story after this! Ok, in the end actually we didn;t really watch the royal wedding because we are busy eating hehe....we made our own celebration and I did watch the replay in the evening.


  1. akhirnya lo bisa comment ya? Cuacanya lagi bagus bener nih, langit juga biru banget (kaya yg lo sll pengen). Si Madam J jago fotonya ga kaya Mr JH, sll bikin gua tampak 'besar' hahaha ...


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