Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seaton park

I have lived in Aberdeen for a year now, think almost 1.5 year in fact. But I have never visited Seaton Park until today. I only knew about Duthie Park but not the Seaton Park. So we decided to pay it a visit this afternoon, after a friend told me about this park. It was turn to be quite wonderful experience. It has a river, a church, a bridge, and secret garden! Haha ... Here are some of photos taken there.

The first few photos are inside the garden that I called it as 'secret garden', since outside this place, the flowers are still less, but inside here, so many flowers. It felt like I am in different season, with lots of blooming flowers. Felt magical!

And we walked down along the river

At the end of the walk, there is a nice and serene neigbourhood with colorful garden

Just some close up on my jeans jacket button

Bye for now everyone!


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