Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vibrant pink day

I bought the tartan jacket when I was visiting Edinburgh on my first month in Scotland. I thought it would be a good token to remember that I once stayed in Scotland. Unfortunately, its vibrant color made it quite difficult to match with my other outfit. But its vibrant color is actually the one that caught my interest. Since today supposed to be a good day with weather forecast of temperature reached almost 19 deg C, I decided to wear it.

I also used a pink sash, tied on my jeans to make it cuter and a nice necklace to make my plain pink top more interesting. And I used my sandals for the first time in Scotland! So here are some photos of my jacket (pardon me for my silly pose in the photos, I am still not used to 'pose' or 'act' naturally in the photos, poor JH had to take so many photos of my weird pose to get a good one) :

Jacket: Ness
Top: Bossini
Jeans: Next
Belt: free gift from Seventeen magazine (thrift)
Sandals: can't remember the brand anymore from shoe shop in Singapore

And now, some photos of my hunting on cherry blossom. I think it becomes my favorite plant in spring!


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