Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yellow mellow

Besides some cherry blossom, I found some yellow flowers along the roads. Especially dafodils ... They are spreading all over the place, marking the beginning of spring time!

Yellow represents happiness and cheerful feelings. I am not sure why people combine the word yellow and mellow together. These pretty yellow bunch of flower is cute, remind me of yellow version on cherry blossom!

Besides flowers, birds singing in almost most of the day really wonderful and refreshing. I got a small feeding box in front of my flat. Will try to take some photos, if some birds come by and say hi to me!

Eventually I wanted to take some photos on my spring-summer dress collection with yellow tone. But I haven't got any idea yet how to present them, so in the mean time, just show you a glimpse of my last year summer outfit, with a straw hat, orange bag and mango dress. I love this dress so much!


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