Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day in Amsterdam

We started the day rather late, because of the tiring day before in Keukenhof and Madurodam. So it was actually not a day, but more likely for half a day. We took the train from Delft to Amsterdam for around  1 hour and it cost us EUR 23 for 2 ways, and we got a spring offer, so we paid EUR 22.50 each for free ride the whole day and in first class. It was useless for actually, because we had lost half day, and of course we would spend the rest of the day in Amsterdam, and not going somewhere else. But I love the first class offer though, quiet and definitely you would get a seat.

So we went to Amsterdam and straight to the tourist office, despite the advice of Miss H that the queue would be really long and slow. And that was happened. We queued for almost an hour, just to buy the canal cruise ticket plus Van Gogh museum ticket. It was all because only 1 person serve the customer, and the guy was very young and inexperience. 

The canal cruise lasted for an hour and cost quite a lot, I think around EUR20. I was choosing this activity, just because Mr JH told me that this was a must-do-thing in Amsterdam, and you would see people wave to you along the canal. But not for us, no one waved at our boat. The queue was very long as well when we arrived at the canal cruise 'port', the weather was really hot and people started to be impatient. Especially there was an express queue where people can cut through! But anyway, the experience is quite good, but too expensive I think.

Biggest or maybe oldest? Can't remember clearly, CHIN restaurant in Amsterdam. CHIN shortened from Chinese-Indonesian!

Canal bike! We were thinking to try one, but think we would be very tired and got lost in all the canals and perhaps endanger the canal cruises.

Amsterdam , oh no Holland, loves bicycle so much, you can see the have parking lot storeys for bicycle!

Having our lunch in FEBO, local fast food, recommended by our local friend. They had everything, snack in the wall, patat, milkshake.

After the lunch, we went to Van Gogh Museum. Because we did not buy the Holland OV Chip (or something like EZ link in Singapore), we had to pay by cash for travelling, and it was costly! They do not have day ticket. When we arrived at the Van Gogh museum, we were overwhelm by queue outside. But we can go directly, guess our EUR14 ticket is a fast lane ticket (heard from Mr R, that normal ticket is EUR9).

Honestly, I felt sleepy when we started to look at the exhibition, so we decided to have a coffee time first at the cafe. And we found free wifi! For us, it felt like oasis in the desserts, after days without internet. So eventually we spent almost 30mins in the cafe to use the wifi, until we realized that we need to make use our EUR14! So we started to look around until the closing time. It had lots of Van Gogh paintings, but not all. I remembered seeing the famous one: the hay, sunflower, and the meadow in Swiss museum, it was better.

And it's time to take photos with the iconic "I AMSTERDAM" logo. Lucky they have it there at the museum platz, so we do not need to walk or to find it somewhere else

With that, we looked our dinner, which was KFC! We missed KFC so much. And the tram ticket we bought, it was like for an hour, and you need to tap it as well when you in and out the tram. And my dear friend Miss Y forgot to tap hers when we decided to rush out to go buying stroopwafel. So we can't use the ticket anymore! So we walked back to station after our fulfilling and satisfying KFC dinner.

They had this on the station and almost everywhere, they called it "Snack on the Wall", vending machine for hot food. And they have bami (kroket with noodle inside), and other kroket with ragut inside (isn't it like Indonesian snack?) and it cost EUR 1


  1. wow! I seriously want to go to amsterdam now! look like fun.

    lovely blog you have here <3


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