Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fairy Glen and Coral beach

The next morning we decided to start quite late, just enjoying the day. The weather had been not good either for any walking. We went to have lunch in Greshornish restaurant, based on the advertisement inside the information booklet for guest. I was tempted to try this place because in the booklet, there was a sample menu, and they had a seafood platter consisted of lobster, crab, etc. So we went there to give it a try. Most of the restaurant in Isle of Skye required us to make reservation beforehand. So we called to make a lunch reservation the previous day. Unfortunately, there was no mobile signal in our cottage (even outside). So we had to drive to the main road and tried to find a spot where there is signal. The strongest signal is only found in Portsmouth (of course since it is the biggest city in Skye).

Our breakfast: cereals and orange juice!

Found some foreign languages books on the rack

An illustration of Skye map with their points of interests

It took around 10-15 minutes driving from our place to reach Greshornish. It is a restaurant cum hotel. It is located in a very beautiful place, but the road to reach there is a single lane, so we had to drive really careful, especially if there is another car come from the opposite direction. But the view along the way is so fantastic!

The Greshornish:

The receptionist area

And a wonderful dining area. Surprise, we were the only guest for the lunch. So we had the whole room for ourselves with our private waiter! Haha! But the seafood platter that I was looking for was not available. It was only for summer menu and seasonal. So unlucky me. But we still enjoyed the lunch with very friendly waiter cum owner, and wonderful meal. We love this place, thinking of visiting again next summer, definitely to try the seafood platter, and it is quite cheaper compare to the rest of the restaurant we visited.

Our starter: soup for Mr JH and smoke salmon salad for me

And the main were salmon with pasta for Mr JH, and sea bass for me ( I like this sea bass more than the one I ordered from La Stella)

And tea time:

They use silver utensils for us. So good!

Actually outside is so beautiful, but the wind blew so fast, so this is the only photo I could took without my hair covered my face.

And we took some photos on the way back, it was so pretty.

Then we continue to have some walk after the weather got better to the Fairy Glen. This is on the way to Fairy Glen.

Fairy Glen was named because of a beautiful view there that people thought fairy lived there. I only could find sheep!

There are around 3 waterfalls around us, but quite far.

We took photos of each other!

Modern shepherd in Skye. They use a small motor with dogs helping them to shepherd the sheep and cows!

Then we went to the coral beach. And this is not ordinary beach. We need to walk around 45mins (1 way) to reach the beach (no kidding!). And since we came in the evening, the beach was so windy. I took some corals and shells home for decoration!

And we went for dinner at the Lochbay Seafood Restaurant. This time, when I called for a booking, I asked whether they had the seafood platter. And they had it! It was so lovely. I love the seafood platter so much! But it was a bit costly though. Saw in the website, this restaurant had a good review from New York Times. And the people there mentioned that once in a while, there will be a customer came using a helicopter just to come there to eat. And yes, the drive to go there once again a long single lane road. But this place also as pretty as Greshornish one. But this one is prettier.

And our starter was mussels and main course was the great seafood platter yummmm. You had to see the eating utensils they provided to eat. But I didn't use any. Just use the fork and knife, I think they had cut the seafood so that it is easy to eat. Just peel off from the shell.

And here is the corals and shells I collected from the beach


  1. Beautiful photos - it looks like you had an incredible day!

  2. @Rachel
    Thanks. Despite the horrible weather, we managed to visit few places that day and enjoyed our seafood dinner!


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