Thursday, May 5, 2011

The land of windmill

And we went to Kinderdijk, the land of windmill. It is a village where the most windmill are still preserved and was one of UNESCO site. The weather was really hot that day, the sun shone brightly, but that made the day even more beautiful with really blue sky. Unfortunately the bus came to this place is very limited. I think there are only 2 buses and the bus frequency is very less.

You can actually rent a bicycle to bike around the place, which make things easier. But I can't bike! So we just walked along the site. We entered for free and it is sooo gorgeous! Your have to visit this place, if you have time! Enjoy the photos!

With some blue sky ...

And a duck!

We tried Herrings, a local food. It looks like Dutch sushi. It is preserved and was eaten with onion. Yummy! I love it.

Delft in 2 photos: canals and bike! I like Delft, it was such a romantic city. Not so crowded and very lovely with not so wide canal.

And before we said goodbye to Holland, we had another patat with peanut sauce! Yummmy


  1. great photos, such lovely colors! xo

  2. Hi there, what a great post! would love to visit the land of the windmill as well. sorry it took me so long to reply, but in reply to your comment, i shoot with a nikon d300 (the older model - this camera is a good 4 years old probably) dSLR. i just recently purchased an olympus PEN EP-1 - if you take a look at my most recent post, the photos are all shot with my PEN. my post-processing takes place in photoshop, where i usually resize, fix colors, vignette my photos, and desaturate slightly. if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

  3. @rae
    Wow, thanks for sharing quite detail with me. I really enjoy your blog!


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