Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ljubljana castle

We started the day by walking through the park to have a hot horse burger for lunch, and we found the park was so pretty with all variety of flowers and even tulips! We were thinking, why we need to go to Keukenhof if you could have tulips here as well. But of course the flowers were not as much as the one in Holland, but still pretty.

And we arrived at the Hot Horse Burger at the other end of the park. Yes, it was horse burger. We can choose baby, young or even adult horse. The baby one is more tender, but more expensive. It tasted like beef, more like the beef in Yoshinoya beef bowl. It had a huge portion and yummy!

After the lunches, we walked through the park again, heading to the old city to the Ljubljana castle.

The central post office

And we took an afternoon tea in Zvesda, according to Miss Y, it has the best cake in Ljubljana, but we did not order any cake, only tea.

There was a small fountain in the middle of the city, and people said it was designed by the same person who made Trevi Fountain in Rome!

There was a cable car to reach the castle and cost 2EUR. And we were taking some photos while waiting for the cable car came

The castle was so modern and already renovated. It was used for events like concert, etc. 

On that day, there was some event held there. Like an easter service

And we went down to get some dinner

Some window shopping

This was a salt store in all those packages

And our dinner in Julija, just because we passed through this place and it smelled nice food! And we were right. I loved the place and ambiance. And I ordered octopus! It was delicious, although Miss Y order on squid was more worthed because it was cheaper and more portion.

Some interested cafe along the way home. Gotta try it sometime (if possible)

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