Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maybe it's not the time yet ...

I am supposedly in Mykonos Island in Greece by now. Enjoying sunset and fresh seafood. But then, just suddenly there was a volcanic ash (again from Iceland) on top of Scotland. My feeling is just like my basil plant, dry without leaves (I took all the leaves for cooking), and need a good Ben n Jerry ice cream to soothe my disappointment.

Our plane was scheduled at 11am that day. So it was cancelled. And I decided to go out with some friends after make sure that KLM would call me and rebook our ticket. But there were no calls from KLM. So in the evening, I decided to call them and ask. And eventually I could rebook if there is a slot for the next day. So I was searching and searching and waiting. Studying about their booking code and class system, since they said I could only rebook my flight with the same class. And suddenly I saw a slot for 2 for 25th May 2011 and the flight will arrive in Athens in the same day! (For your information, most of the flight from Aberdeen-Amsterdam-Athens will arrive the following day in Athens) But with this new rebook flight, we can arrive in the same day. So we wouldn't miss our trip plan (only miss by half a day!). And I had gone to airport to collect my currency exchange, since my next day flight would be in the early morning ( I was scared it wouldn't have enough time to check in and take the money), as well as book the taxi.

And just before I slept, the flight was cancelled for the 2nd time! I was so sad and knew that we wouldn't have any trip anymore. So I woke up the next day rather late and checked my phone. There was a miss-call, but I didn't know from who. And I continue to check some internet stuff and realized KLM is the only one which cancel their flight since 24th May, the rest was continue their operation on 24th noon. And KLM decided to operate the flight on 25th May, right after my cancelled flight. I was so upset ... why only pour flight got cancelled that day.

And I tried to checked my voice mail, and I got another rebook from KLM on the same day in the evening! We would use BA and Aegean Airline to reach Athens. But then, we decided not to go, because a lot of uncertainty in this volcanic ash thing. Maybe we can go but can't go back. So we called our trip off. 

Disappointed? Yes, I have always wanted to go to Greece since last year. This time, it seems so near(ticket and hotel bookings were already on hand), yet so far ...... But maybe it's for the best. And now we are busy to get our money back from airplane and hotel. It is so lucky that we haven't bought ferry tickets. Hopefully we could get our money back (finger cross).


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