Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the way to Skye ...

We were going to Isle of Skye for 5 days on a self catering cottage in Edinbane. So we decided to rent a car for 5 days as well. Driving to Isle of Skye took around 5 hours, which according to Mr JH, it was tiring. We did stop few times for lunch and took some photos. But it felt forever to reach the place, some more with single lane and steep road.

I took some photos on the road. This interesting yellow things are flowers and at first I thought they were Daffodils, but they weren't. They were this tiny yellow flowers, that I really curious about (since last year), and I had no idea why people breed them. Since there were few large field full of these.

And we had lunch near the way to Aviemore.We found this cute tea room and gift shop called Goodbrand and Ross. I really like this place, it's very cosy and nice. Especially with its red and white checker table linen and curtain. Remind me of family restaurant in US. Besides that, its gift shop is really interesting. Selling lots of cute stuff. I remembered going to their toilet and using the hand lotion. It was so nice and soft and smell good! I regret that I didn't buy it. And we met a group of bikers (with black leather jackets, sunglasses, and big bikes) eating there too.

And we continue the journey. Beautiful hill's patches

After another 2 hours driving, we saw the Skye bridge, which still a debate until now. Because last time they charge you if you want to use the bridge, but not anymore now after protests. And it cost a lot to build it! I love the shadow of mountains behind the bridge. So pretty and mysterious and magical at the same time!

After the bridge, we arrived at Isle of Skye. But our cottage was located on the north of Skye. So it took another hour to drive from the bridge to our cottage. The biggest city in Isle of Skye is Portsmouth, where you can find restaurants, and supermarket and gas. According to Mr JH, in Isle of Skye you could only find 2 cash machine (ATM). But no worries, restaurants and supermarkets accept cards too. Other city in Portsmouth is rather small. Our cottage is located in a small city called "Edinbane", but it's just in the middle of the interesting landmark in Skye.

So it was nearly 6 or 7pm when we arrived at the cottage. We bought some milk and cereals for our 5 days breakfasts. As well as some frozen food for our dinner for the day. Mr JH was too tired to drive again to look for a cafe.

We were welcome by coffee, tea and flapjacks from the cottage owner, who just live next to our cottage.

 We have our own fireplace (the one in grey big pot).

It is a 2-floor cottage. And it has 2 toilets and 2 bedrooms. Enough for 4 people. But we had it just for ourselves for 5 days. It costs around GBP 80/night, I think they have minimum days of staying to rent this.

The kitchen has a very complete cooking and eating utensils.

And on upstairs, the toilet has a glass roof, so you can see sky or stars at night.

We really love the cottage, it's very cosy and comfortable. But I think it is quite commercialize, since everything inside the house are produced in Skye and in the same time it is an advertisement. Did you see the sheep skin on the living room, on top the sofa? They said the sheep skin is only produced in 2 places in UK, Skye is one of them. So in the end we bought it. And the soap inside the toilet is from Skye soap which has a natural ingredient. It was made of lemon grass! And we bought it too again! Also the corals and shells are from the beach near there (these one is free, freshly picked from the beach), I took some too!


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