Sunday, May 22, 2011

Venice day trip

When I was planning to go to Slovenia, I never thought of visiting Venice. I knew that Italy is just next to Slovenia, but I always thought it would be quite troublesome to go there. But it wasn't. There is a train everyday to Venice from Ljubljana, and it cost 25EUR one way. But because we bought 2 ways, they gave us discount 5EUR for each, so we only paid 20EUR per journey. You could get cheaper ticket for 15EUR, only if you book 1 week in advance. The only problem is the train departure and arrival time, it is in a very odd time. Train departed at 2.50am (if I wasn't wrong) and arrived in Venice at 7-8am in the morning. And it would depart back to Ljubljana at 9-10pm. . So it was like more than 12 hours in Venice! And Ljubljana is a safe city, so no worry to travel to the train station in the middle of the night.

We were planning to get the 12 hours day ticket for the transportation. In Venice, they have different type of transportation: water bus, water taxi and gondola. And you know the cheapest one of course the water bus. And our 12 hour day ticket was for water bus only. And you need to pay extra ticket for your luggage! Lucky, we didn't bring any. And the ferry is quite big and comfy, they have plenty of seats inside. The water bus system is very organize. And they have ferry stop with the schedule displayed in the computerized screen in each stop. And they use real time estimation on the ferry arrival. They have few lines, really like a good train system!

Oh .. and we bought Venice map for 3EUR, since there was a lot of people said that you would definitely got lost in Venice! So map is a must. 

We took the wrong direction of the ferry line, so it took the longest route to arrive at the most famous square, where there were free church, museum, and tower to visit (Oh no...I forgot the name of the place!) And we were too tired from the train trip, so we just took some 'rest' inside the ferry before it arrived at the square.

The first canal-bridge we saw!

We decided to pass the museum (since you have to pay to go inside), and go to the free one. And we had only 12 hours, so we wanted to look around rather than spending time in 1 place only. The square was so pretty, and there were a big red banner, coffee advertisement there, quite interesting.

And as usual, I was always into queuing thing. When I saw people queuing from morning, I followed them, without knowing what I queued for ( I thought it was for the free church), but instead, it was for the tower clock, and it wasn't free. I found out after Miss Y looked in front of the queue. And the museum that we didn't go to

And next to the museum is where the church is.

Love the outside of the church, but not so much inside. It felt like a normal church we have visited before, and it took around 10 mins inside the church. The front side of the church is soo stunning and pretty.

And yes, thanks to this photo I remembered the square name: San Marco square! And the church is San Marco Basilica.

And this is the other big space in front of the basilica. There were shops, high end shops like Chanel, Hermes, etc. And also restaurants with outdoor sits and live concert on the court.

And another clock tower

And we were going to window shopping afterwards! Found so many interesting shops. This one was selling masks (common to find shop masks). Their masks looks amazing and elegant. We were not supposed to take photo on the mask shop, until they forbid us, we took few photos. And it wasn't cheap.

There were some bags and shoes miniature shops and also the cute accessories shop!

We tried to find our way to the famous Rialto Bridge (we have no idea why it is so famous). So we just walked and wandered around, in the same time did some window shopping. Following all the sign (which people said it was confusing and misleading) and our map at the same time.

Wanted to buy another hard rock cafe t-shirt, but I didn't in the end, wanted to save money since it was near the end of my trip

A boat with my name on it:

The gondolas (they said it cost around 100EUR for an hour):

People said, the alley is nice and artistic, so I took lots of photos of it

And we arrived at Rialto bridge!

The view from Rialto

And we took the water bus to the Santa Maria Basilica

And we arrived there to visit the Santa Maria Basilica

And we took a short break near there, had our croissants, caviar, smoke salmon and chilli sauce!

And we went to find a proper lunch for me, to eat a squid ink pasta! (Sigh ... just realize that I can eat it in here as well from Zizzi)

And we continue our Venice exploration and also to get the Italian tapas

The famous Rialto market, I love it ... shopping time

This was where I bought my lovely silk scarve

And we found a tapas restaurant. Thanks to wiki travel. Without wiki travel, we wouldn't have any Italian tapas (difficult to find)

And that's the end of my Venice trip! Yummy tapas .....


  1. yeay! very interesting photos, even for me who joined the trip with you! hahaha

  2. Well, I'm jealous. Venice is the most magical place I've ever visited, It's like something out of a disney fairytale, so full of history and life and stories. I hope you had an absolutely amazing time! Your photos are lovely! Will follow!


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