Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When we were a giant for a day

Den Haag was our next destination to visit the famous Madurodam, miniature land. We started the day with breakfast cum lunch in Ming Kee, own by Singaporean (perhaps name Ming Kee), provided Indonesian-chinese food. It was tasty, especially the Kang Kung Belacan. It was cheap and very popular amongst Indonesian in Den Haag. Our friends met at least 3 of his friend, including the leader of PPI Den Haag. Den Haag has the largest Indonesian society in Holland!

Btw, do you notice the glass there? It was chilli! And it was very very spicy ... But we love it, the spiciest it is, the delicious the food taste.

And here we were in front of Madurodam. We really thought it was a miniature of the world, but it wasn't.

The entrance fee is EUR14, the same price as Keukenhof entrance. So we had to spend the same time we spent in Keukenhof. Outside the building, I was look like a miniature against the tall lighthouse, but inside, we are giant!

The land of miniature .... of Holland only (not the world)

We can put coin in some of the building, and the miniature will move, but only the one at the walking belt. I was expecting more, like dancing or something else, but no. Nothing happen. Lucky, it was not my coin.

Miniature of the canal cruise in Amsterdam. We rode the real one on the following day.

I was trying to destroy the city by crushing the big truck!

With the miniature windmill. A popular spot to take photo with, lots of people were there, and we had to queue!

Legend had it! A long neck giant helps a prince to look for a wife

Beautiful wedding in the small church at the country

Dinner at the Chinese restaurant recommended by our local guide. Free rice!

And we end the day with SWIRL! It was addicted according to our local guide.


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