Friday, June 3, 2011

Cuith-Raing, Dunvegan Castle and Lighthouse

When we were in Skye, the weather had not been very friendly. It was cloudy, raining and strong breeze all day. Including that day. So we spent most of our time for a car trip and less hiking. We actually wanted to go to the famous 'Old man storr', but ended at Cuith-Raing, which is as beautiful as Storr as well. But the clouds were so thick so we only could see little from far. Anyway we took some photos there.

Here was our breakfast. Sandwich!

And off we go!

And we arrived at the Cuith Raing. We always thought it was Storr until we saw the sign board.

The sign board

Since the weather was so bad, so I proposed a shopping trip in Skye, which was shopping for some man made art from Skye. We went back to Waternish (the little town where we ate the seafood dinner the previous day). After the long drive on a single lane, we arrived at Waternish, and decided to visit Skye Skyns.  We saw this Skye Skyns shop is selling sheep skins and has a 5-stars attraction from Scotland tourism board. So out of curiosity we went there to see what kind of attraction has a 5-stars.

The attraction is actually the short tour on how they process the sheep skin. They called the place 'tannery', maybe it's something like factory, but special name for sheep skin processing.

Ok, actually it wasn't a tour. It only lasted for at most 10-15 minutes introduction on how they process the skin. That's all. And the photos above are all the machine they use for the process. A bit disappointed. It does not worth the 5-stars title. According to the staff, this tannery is the only one in Scotland. UK has 2 tanneries, and this is one of them! We bought a sheep skin, cost GBP 55. Expensive indeed. But Mr JH loves it and this is the only one in Scotland anyway. And yes, this is the most crowded shop I found along my visit to all Skye shops and people who comes were driving either BMW or Mercedes or Ferrari, ha!

So our shopping trip continued, visiting some pottery, yard shops. But all are too small and not interested at all! 

Then we went to Dunvegan castle. We knew very little about this castle, but we went in anyway just to fill our time. It cost GBP 9 for castle and park. And the park was so pretty, but once again weather wasn't that good to enjoy it fully. And they have a famous seal boat trips. But we didn't join that too, since it's too late.

We went in to see some rooms and some history about Skye people last time. Then we explored the garden. The first one is called 'Waterfall Garden'. Pretty!

The round garden

The wall garden

They had a wood garden as well, but we didn't go there, since it looks like for a hiking, which will be slippery under the rainy weather.

So we went to a lighthouse which was located on top of the hill. So we took quite a long and steep drive to reach there. The lighthouse was located near a cliff, so the wind was so strong. I didn't dare to walk,afraid that the wind would blow me and fall. So I decided to stayed inside the car and drank some tea =D

And the next few photos were taken solely by Mr JH on his way to the lighthouse, while I was in the car =D

They actually put a sign in the parking lot, saying that the lighthouse is a private property. So if you insisted want to go there, and anything happens on your way there (maybe you fall or any accidents), the owner didn't want to take responsibility. In other words: "Enter at your own risk". And they actually rent the lighthouse for  a B&B. We can rent and stay there. But to go there is so risky, do I want to stay there? Nope!

So some photos on the way back!


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