Friday, June 10, 2011

Culinary treat in Skye

The weather wasn't good again. So we decided to do my way: shop and eat. I wanted to visit the biggest city in Skye: Portree. Before that, we brought some snack along with hot water for tea!

And now Portree, when we were there, it was still early. So almost everything still closed. We walked along the port and wandering to few shops. Looking at the Skye batik, which resembles Bali batik pattern, but not as good as Bali's one and quite expensive (on my opinion), we also decided to buy some fresh seafood on the one and only seafood shop there.

Bought some soaps from the Skye soap. Mr JH really loves the soap there, since they use all natural ingredient. And use something like lemongrass to be their material, which I don't really enjoy. I like the chemical, more fragrance hehe

And now the colorful building along the port. We also stopped by on one of the Christian shop selling vintage stuff and bought our first tea set for only GBP 8.50 the whole set, and also a pretty rose decoration plate.

So we headed to a seafood restaurant nearby, called Harbour View Restaurant. Unfortunately that day, the owner said the seafood was not so fresh, so they served more on smoke salmon and dressing crab. I can choose between cold or hot seafood plate, and I ordered the cold one.

The bread is a normal white bread, so not that special

The smoke salmon is just too salty, but the rest is just normal. After lunch, we decided to go back to put our seafood shopping at home and continued our trip to the north part of Skye, heading to our next destination our afternoon tea place.

And we were arriving at Kinloch Lodge, the Michellin star dining place. It is so expensive, cost like almost GBP 30-35 for a person on 2 - 3 courses. So we decided to only come and enjoy the afternoon tea, which cost GBP 17.50 per person. We had to do reservation beforehand for everything in Kinloch, either a dining or even an afternoon tea. I think if we stayed in the lodge itself, it would cost cheaper. Since it included breakfast and the dinner for the fee of the bed.

This is the dining area, it is so bright and airy.

Since we only ordered an afternoon tea, so we were staying in the drawing room instead. But it is so pretty and full of history and vintage stuff! I love the drawing room, so I took lots of photos of it. Can't stop admiring it!

Some old books

And my afternoon tea

I was amazed with all the tea sets and utensils

Our cakes with the tier serving plates!

Then we stopped at Ragamuffin for a while to look around, but found nothing interesting there. It sold something like clothes and other cute stuff.

And we did some road trip to see some scenery

And home sweet home, warm with fire and seafood for dinner


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