Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Aberdeen has great days for the last 2 days, with temperature rose up to 24 deg C. Can you believe it? It was so hot and sunny, and we all were so happy. But today, the temperature dropped again to be around 10 deg C. What a shame! Although the day is a good day with sun shining brightly, but it is breezy and cold. After a big effort to lure Mr JH to go out and enjoying the day to city, I decided to go to park instead. Because of the cold breeze I felt on the way out. So we went only for an afternoon tea near Duthie Park, called 'Inn at the Park' . Enjoy the day and then went to the winter garden (again!)

Surprisingly the place was quite packed. So we decided to have our tea outside.

I quite enjoyed the cakes and the sandwiches. Love the strawberry cake, meringues, and some chocolate cakes and shortbread. Not the scone. They have 2 different scones. Not sure about the other one, but I didn't like the cinnamon scones (maybe I just don't like cinnamon). I had tea only enough for 3 cups. I want more tea to be drunk with my cakes. And we didn't get the usual serving plate for the afternoon tea, the one with 2-3 tiers. They served in 2 plates on the table. Why? I saw the rest of the guests have their own tier serving plate.

Anyway, then we went to the park and found some display for the tents and some people playing crickets. There were 2 teams! I thought they were doing some karate exercise since they wore whites. But they were playing crickets. Interesting. Why do people wear whites while playing crickets?

And winter garden, hmmm now is summer, maybe we called it summer garden? Or just glass house?

I was amazed that most of the cactus have flowers now! And it's big and have a bold colors. Lovely!

The trumpet flowers and yellow flowers with white wings!


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