Sunday, June 12, 2011

The real hiking

After spent around 5 days in Skye, the real hiking would only start on the last day, with such a great weather. So this time our trip started and ended with good weather, but not in between. Before we went back to Aberdeen, we decided to have a famous boat trip in Skye, called a Bella Jane boat trip. Our cottage owner said it is very beautiful, since we will visit the most amazing place, they called it the navel of the earth. Since there is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. So off we go!

Before that we took some stop to take photos

And we saw the most amazing thing ever, rainbow! And I saw step by step the formation of the rainbow, until it had been fully formed!

And then we arrived at the bay. It was really a long single lane drive to reach the place! So deserted.

And this is our boat: Bella Jane

I love the blue sea!

During the trip:

We can choose whether we want to hike back to our original place, or just hike around the lake and picked up after 1 hour in the same place. For those who want to hike back, there is this one very difficult route that they have to pass, called the 'bad step'. Since it is so steep and difficult to pass

And we arrived at the navel of the world. The place is so serene. The lake is so calm, protected from the strong wind by the mountains around it. But it is a very difficult hike. It has so many black steep and slippery stones. Very scary, and quite muddy

Mr JH accidentally dipped his left leg into a very deep mud, so he had to clean his shoes and socks near the lake

And after the stressful and tiring hike, it's time to go back! I am so relieved. And saw some seal as well on the way back!

Then we drove back home, passing through some beautiful scenery

I love the blue sky

Another Skye bridge photo before we say goodbye

Then we decided to stop at Eilean Donean Castle. Just to take a picture in front of it. It is so pretty.

We decided to take a small break inside the cafe

And we drove all the way back to Aberdeen after that for 2 hours non-stop. That'll conclude my Skye trip!


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