Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer garden party

Initially we planned to have a seafood party, unfortunately like almost all the shop we knew didn't sell any lobster or crab. It must be because of Aberdeen weather that wasn't to friendly in this time. It is summer, but most of the time it was rainy and windy. Guess that all the sea creatures prefer a warmer ocean rather than cold ocean in Aberdeen. The fishermen said that they couldn't catch any lobster or crab. Even oyster!

We have a very long open discussion in facebook, so we decided just to continue the party without any seafood, just eat and cook whatever available. The party was held in the same place as before, at our friend's place near to university of Aberdeen. It is a huge mansion. I put more photos for the pretty house.

The garden

The food : BBQ pork belly and sting ray! My smoke salmon avocado from the previous post. BBQ squid and Thai fish style!

The feast:

The party:

We played some games

The cute little boy!

And we were back to the kitchen for dessert also the weather was getting colder and windier. Madam J made us a delicious Korean Pancake.

And we took some tour around the big house

"Birds" collections

Nice toilet!

My dream kitchen:

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