Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday pamper treat

I usually have a ladies bible study at church every fortnightly on Wednesday. But on this Wednesday, our leader invited us to her home for a coffee and relax time. I didn't expect anything, until I came and saw a wonderful treat in the living room. It was so amazing and so girly things to do. I love it so much! Each of us, have our own foot spa machine with bubbly soap and towel!

And on the table I saw a complete massage equipment and manicure and pedicure sets!

And we were giving some gifts to our dear leader. I bought her a fan and a unique bowl from Spain.

She explained how to do the foot spa.

I love her house, bright living room with large windows and comfy sofas!

My foot spa with orange bubbly soap make the water went orange too!

Madam J enjoyed her foot spa, and her little boy tried too, but didn't like it.

He's more interested in playing and splashing the water! So cuteeee ....

Madam J's machine had more elaborated function for grinding, brushing, and some beads for massaging.

I enjoyed myself!

Elegant cat who slept the whole day (it was raining outside).

Our tea time treats! Muffin, strawberry dipped to chocolate and warm hazelnut coffee complete with froth and choc sprinkles.

My nail art stamping! My first time using the stamping method. Look at the cute bows!


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