Monday, June 6, 2011

Yellow, I am in love!

I went to shop for these few days, looking for a good outfit for my trip to Spain next week. And I found out that yellow is on trend right now. I talked about this with my neighbor and she said perhaps it because the queen wore yellow for the royal wedding then it became trend! I lovee yellow, it is so bright and so cheerful. So I decided to wear yellow theme on Sunday to church. And my dear friend did a very cute braid on my hair! And she attached a yellow flower to my braid! Look so lovely =D

My curvy or zigzag braid! Unfortunately I didn't know how to do it, since she did mine and I couldn't see how she did it.

I was using yellow nail color from Barry M. Cost 5GBP for 2. I buy this brand because I was reading few blog for good and cheap nail polish, and this brand was mentioned. Hmm...I do feel it wasn't that good, since it was streaking and chipping easily. But with the price, they said it was one of the worth the money.

And still intoxicating with yellow, I decided to buy yellow flowers today to decorate the living room!

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