About Me


I am Jesica and I am originally from Indonesia, born in Jakarta. I lived there until my university time, I moved to Singapore then. And worked there for almost 3-4 years, before I got married and moved to Aberdeen in UK. My husband is actually my first boyfriend ever, and we met in Singapore. He is originally from Malaysia. So if it's time to go back, we have to divide time well in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, since most of our friends are there.

Currently I am a homemaker in Aberdeen, I worked as engineer before in Singapore. Since I have lots of spare time here, I have developed some new hobbies, such as cooking, travelling and photography.

Eventually, I had blogged long time ago, since in the uni time, most of it were my personal opinion and my daily life. At first my sweet pink lace blog were about girly outfit and beauty stuff. I had lots of interests on make up back then. But somehow, it gradually became more of my travel series blog and photos.

Hope you enjoy my blog! Will update this page again soon!
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